Must You Be So Negative?!

Why do people with negative energy put negative thoughts in one’s mind? Why can’t things be positive and everything flows just fine. One can’t bask in another’s happiness because they are unhappy themselves.


Why must people always assume the worst because they live life differently than you do. One must not know how to take chances because immediately in their minds they start to categorize every action someone does as a way to bring people down.

This is why double standards exist….because society creates negative energy….

“Men are dogs, women are better liars
Women are better cheaters, men suck at it because they make it obvious….
Men are the money makers, bread winners, etc <because society makes it that way>
Women are the care takers/nurturers
If he looks at another female, it’s cool to him but let her look at another male and he immediately has trust issues”

I could keep going but you get it….

Society changes the way we perceive things, the way we are…

Negative energy, negative people are those who aren’t satisfied in life….they need someone who is happy to throw some of their “power” on to so that they can feel a little better.

Insecure? Definitely!

Most of them are single and lonely.

Habits of another leads to others being negative.

When you 100% trust anyone…such as your mate, best friend, co workers, transit riders, etc…the trust can easily be taken away all by a simple sentence or action of another

IF you feed into it.

I try not to feed into that mess anymore. I let people speak their opinions and leave it alone.

Nope you’re not going to cloud my judgment because you feel a type of way…

I won’t fall off the cloud I’m on up high because you raised your devil horns

I won’t become an insecure woman I used to be because you fear alllll the wrong things happening in 2016.

These same negative people smile in your face as if nothing happened. SMH

Stay away from negative people y’all. They can burn you worse than a fire.

I’m a positive person living in a backwards world in NYC….

Know anyone that tried to snatch your happiness away? Past or present…
Have you witnessed it happen to someone before? How did/does it make you feel?

Thoughts on negative energy/people? Even if you are one of the negative people 😛  

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