Damn! Why You Have to be so Petty?!

Petty Betty

Why is everyone so petty?

What is the definition of petty?

Urban Dictionary states:
A. “The act of doing or saying something that has little meaning/significance.”

B. “The state of “being” when one does something simply to annoy someone else”

C. “When someone takes a small subject and blows it out of proportion.

At times, making something otherwise insignificant into something bigger to suit their own agenda.”

……Aaannndddd I’m talking about all of those definitions…

Petty is immature people

Petty is a high school work environment….which means when everyone gossips, spreads rumors and always all up in ya business

Petty is when men and women try to ruin your relationship

Petty is when you let them

Petty is when they say the customer is always right but that one scenario or two they are WRONG

Petty is when your significant other is mad at you, yet they won’t communicate the reason why….

Petty is when they ignore you because they are mad at you

Petty is when your closest friends wanna play distant when you need them the most

Petty is having random moments of wanting to cry but you realize you’re stronger than that.

…..shall I continue? I probably have more to say but let me use actual sentences without “Petty is” for once in this post ha

This week and last I’ve dealt with a lot of petty things, conversations, people, etc. I don’t understand whyyy in 2015 people decided to get mush brain. They don’t think.

Everything feels like everyone are babies instead of adults.

Why do I surround myself with this?

Mainly, I need a new job.

That’s the problem.

Somewhere with an office where I don’t have to deal with co workers very much….

Or random people…

Except for when i get to be one of the people that come in and order their coffee instead of serving the coffee.

I’m mentally exhausted.

Maybe emotionally too.

Annddd lately I had to deal with petty females that don’t respect my relationship.

Yeeessss my current bf is fly! Shit flyer than me! He’s definitely attractive and duh he’s taken!!

But it’s always the single, disrespectful thots that have to say words out their mouth that makes a girl like me wanna push em down some stairs….

Recently we went to a party and yes I was on guard all night…soon as we leaving 1 of those was asking for his name, which store he work at and allll of this IN FRONT OF ME! I checked her easy saying nope we not doing that.

She asks if I’m his gf and my friend from work told her yes. As I said yes too and exited before my bf saw me get super crazy possessive.

You saw us the WHOLE night together, don’t be PETTY!

Mind you, they used to work together. Several of the hoes that night used to work with him but ummm I’m not gon touch on that.

He knew who he was going home to and with that night but imagine if I wasn’t there? The thirst was real with them chicks…

I trust him. It’s them I raise eyebrows at if they watching me and him allll night.

Girl Bye. To all of em.

Dislike petty co workers, petty friends, your petty friends if I know you…

In a nutshell I need all the petty gossip to end and the bullshit from these females as well as my mom being petty.

Am I petty you ask? Nope.Unless I’m joking around ๐Ÿ˜›

Do you know someone that is petty? Childish? Rude? Have you been? Drop a comment!ย 

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4 thoughts on “Damn! Why You Have to be so Petty?!

  1. I agree, pettiness is stupid. It’s completely unnecessary, and I don’t know why people would want to start drama like that. I suppose to liven things up from an otherwise boring workday, but still, it’s problematic. Sorry that you had to experience such problems at work. Just ignore it, and not buy into it; you’re better than that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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