Parents Just Don’t Understand!!


I’m cutting right to the point here because I have been pondering this question for a minute now.

Why do parents feel the need to still treat you like they breast feeding you even when you are 21 and up?

Once you hit 25 especially, I say the parental attachment should lessen….

What do I mean? Well let me tell you…

There’s nothing wrong with a quick check up call or conversations with your parents


When they try to give you commands be it in your own house, room or anywhere you pay rent is when the attachment gotta be let go of. Like mom/dad I’m a grown up.

Sadly. Growing up is rough.

But what about when you’re used to speaking to your parents everyday Shade? Is that breast feed attachment?

Let me answer that…No.

The same way you speak to your best friend or significant other daily is the same way you can talk to parents everyday.

That however is NOT me….

Being that I grew up in a crappy single parent household, and the things I encountered overtime living in that type of environment….

I do not want to speak to my mother on the phone everyday.


Even when I went to school in Iowa, I called her when I had free time. She called occasionally.

I have friends in Iowa that call mom on lunch break.

Me? I’ll call before homework.

We have a rough relationship that is still on the moderate scale.

Talking to my mom everyday would be a drastic change.

I’ve always had my independence.

Is that a bad thing?

Crap. I’m going off topic.

Back to it….

I think parents should let their kids try to be an adult before they continue to treat them like kids still.

It’s hard to see your baby grow up but your baby isn’t a baby anymore.

Especially when they over 30.

That “you’ll always be my baby” saying is true but let them expand on their own journey and create a new family. Learn new things and be themselves.

No one can grow if there’s still someone holding on.

Yes, I am kind of going through this situation now, she’s mostly this way because I’m her only daughter and we just “reconnected”….also because my brother tells her his every move and he’s 33

while I text her when I’m out that I’m out and fine so she knows I’m okay. I’m 25, my moves are my moves and I don’t need to check in with you anymore to make sure they good. I make good decisions 100% of the time

Brief rant over.

Yes I know things will all change when I have my own…all the sayings I heard and i know already.


Are you a parent that can’t let go of the umbilical cord when the child is of legal age to own a home? Do you have one? Do you intend to be this type of parent?

Talk to me!

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20 thoughts on “Parents Just Don’t Understand!!

  1. Hey Karen, great topic! Ours are still young, 11 & 13 so got a little way to go.. I do however keep in touch with my mom, though thousands of miles away, on the daily. Not quite the same but I wouldn’t change it lol

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  2. So true! I don’t understand some people who feel the need to call their parents everyday, especially if they don’t live that far away from them. Like you, I have seen students at my college call their parents during lunch break, then text them at night! Doesn’t seem necessary, does it?

    For me, I am relatively close with my parents. But since I was a teenager, I have always wanted to break from them just a bit; they, however, are pretty clingy to me, especially my dad. They would insist talking to me twice a week while in college, evem though I didn’t live far from them at all. And now with me living in Europe, I think thay this is a good change for both of us- for me to become more independent and for my parents to start realizing that I’m an adult and need to slowly let me go. Good post!

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    • Thank you! Yeah those students are a bit much but I get it lol. That’s good that you are close to your parents. Uhh yeah Europe is far so I hope you have distance. At least you speak to them twice a week. My mother wants me to check in every day…I don’t lol. Only check in twice a week… as I don’t usually stay at her house anymore.

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  3. Great post and a topic very close to my heart. Most of what I learned about how “not” to treat my children I learned from my parents. My boys are 27 and 21. No, we don’t talk every day. My promise to them was we would never create “have to’s”. I want them to “want to” call, visit, hang out. So I do my best to create the atmosphere to make that happen.
    Establishing healthy boundaries is very difficult, especially if the other party doesn’t think they are doing anything wrong.
    Stay healthy, stay strong, and if they don’t get it….get some distance, in the nicest way possible.

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