Now Why You Wanna Go and Do That?!!

Why do people like to try me so much? Why can’t they be adults and approach me like a grown up?

What do I mean by try me? I mean why do they attempt to piss me off?

Push me to my limits…

Like to see me “break a sweat” even tho that’s one thing she don’t do for the BS.

Like to test just how much of an attitude I can get in such a short amount of time.

I REALLY don’t get mad fast or easily. It takes a lot to piss me off. I’m a pretty reserved person.

Even when I’m mad, you won’t know unless you know me!

Soooo why is it that the nice ones always get tested?

I mind my business and I always get fucked with….pardon my language.

This is why I don’t really make friends anymore and stick with the ones I got because some people just do the most.

Ugh I can’t!

Especially girls….women….

The petty queens!

Hate childish, immature people.

Ahh u was waiting for the real point of this post right?


Okay back to it….

Don’t approach me fake as ever like you know me, then try to dog me like I won’t find out.

One thing about me is I usually always find out.

To Be Honest….This is why I have more male friends than females. Females waste no time tryna burden ya energy for noooo reason.

Like to start drama.

I’m 25, but I am mature. Ask around, most of my friends and people I meet say I’m mature for my age.

I was raised right! My mom may not have been the best but she raised me to be smart, reserved and observant….besides observant being apart of my Gemini zodiac…..

I have come across woman lately that are older than me by 20 yrs and they act like they 15! Oh and if they in their 30s, then shit they still act like a kid but look over 40.

Either way I shouldn’t be getting so much hate from older women.

Is it because I’m younger?? Potentially prettier?

Lightskin? Lol

Like what?

Hatersss need to have several seats!

*bye hater and have several seats gifs/memes*

I’m also a quiet person, so why try to make me get loud?

Don’t try to add ingredients to my pot when I know how to make the recipe. Stir ya own pot!

Meaning: I didn’t ask you for your opinion on my life when i know how to live it. Mind yours. Thank you!

When bitter people are more than bitter they try to do anything to break you down and raise you to their level.

Keep pulling the lever boo-boo cuz I’m not going in that direction.

I love when things don’t go their way!

I managed to come across many people lately that I should write a book on my many encounters.

I’m so done. So over people. #NoMoreRantingForNow

Has anyone ever tested your patience? Try to bring out that other side of you? 

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11 thoughts on “Now Why You Wanna Go and Do That?!!

  1. Wherever you are in life, you CANNOT escape drama or the drama-whores. Best solution? Ignore 🙂 ignore them and watch it unravel so horrifically wrong for them, while munching on popcorn 😀

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  2. Yes, I can relate to this. Currently, I have a friend who I have known for several years and she’s been really getting on my nerves. Seriously, I am about to explode, but I just hope that I can survive up until the end of tomorrow (when I meet with her), and be done with it. Ugh, life! 😛

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  3. That reminds me to that saying: “If someone gives you a present and you don’t take it, to whom belongs the present? ” We don’t need to agree only when others try to affect us with their grumpiness. It’s they who cannot deal with it and it makes them feel better when someone else feels worse than they.

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  4. Yes… oh yes! Backhanded compliments r the worst! Our family is mostly comprised of females and the 💩 some family members say to and about one another, make u want to lose yo religion! But ain’t none of them buried in my basement yet! LOL 😂

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