What The Heck Is Going On?!

So in the past week I have been approached by some pretty interesting people. By that I mean people who can’t take a damn hint.

My gosh!

For those who have never been here before, let me tell you. People will try to get money from you in any way possible.

Last week a guy was selling tickets to a whack ass comedy show. Long story short, I turned him down because the lineup was not worth paying $30 + a 2 drink mandatory minimum.

He followed me to the corner to try to sell them again!

Now my patience runs thin if I tell you ONCE not to do something or no thanks and you continue to press the issue.

Don’t try to force me into something.

Another situation, this girl approached me to talk about nothing….

she asked do I know how much I am worth.

Olivia Cosby Show -  BrUh let's not do this ok

I spaced out after that.

I don’t care about your fake philosophical thoughts because you had too much to drink or you are high off weed and want to run your mouth.

Oh yeah in these 2 scenarios I was with someone too :).

In other aspects of being approached by total strangers, let me add that I must give off a “Hey I am approachable, come ask me all your stupid questions” look because when I lived on the 4 train line, (I’m now by the L train, but that’s beside the point) I used to always and I mean ALWAYS get tourist come up to me and ask me Qs about the train stops!

I would definitely get stopped at 34th street when I take the 2 train as well. But there is always someone that  has a map in their hand that asks me “Does this stop go to…….?”

1. You have the MTA map right in your hand….

2. Most trains have the computerized “Next Stop” monitor right about seats, read them!

3. They need to ask someone else because I am not the MTA map myself!

Okay, that’s all. lol

You call it mean, I call it when you are born and raised in and live in NYC you don’t want to be bothered……

Sooooo for a while I stopped listening to those people that wave in my face or anything for directions…..

They get desperate too. They tap shoulders consistently, wave like you can’t see them like crazy, say excuse me 1,000 times, stare at you until you blue in the face to look at them, sit next to you just to get them Qs answered, etc…..

Oh yeah that definitely happened to me. 2 weeks ago I was sitting on the train and this woman SAT next to me, grilled me and kept touching my arm. Backtrack 2 seconds…..before the train came she asked me if it was going to a certain stop, I said yes so I don’t know why she kept being in my face. Forward track now……I am a nice person right, so I don’t curse people out or nothing I sit and observe.

I wanted her to stop touching me. I wasn’t helping her anymore.

She didn’t WP friends!

Sooooo when opportunity strike to move allll the way over, I moved over!

Touch me now wench!


A hugeeeee pet peeve if mine and anyone else’s especially in this rugged city is disturbing me during my music…..

Don’t care if you need MTA help, there are people in booths for that……

Why must I stop my music for you! Ugh, you messing up my jam session.


Help me out friends, do you think I am approachable? They don’t see my wonderful personality like you do so that can’t be the reason. I must look nice! I should create a mean look! lol

Have you been in a similar situation? Talk to me!

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19 thoughts on “What The Heck Is Going On?!

  1. Wow, what a whirlwind of encounters! I suppose that, from your writing on WP, you seem friendly and approachable. But then again, I don’t know you in person, so I can’t say 100%. But I definitely agree that it’s super annoying when total strangers bother you in public; sometimes, it’s for a legitimate reason (e.g. they are not from the area and need help with directions), but most of the time, it’s unsolicited. You can bet that I have been in the same situation before- many times!

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    • Yeah there are more I could give but then it would be an essay lol …..Aww Thank you girl! :)….True, my friends say I have a friendly face, but I wish I didn’t at times :P………Yeeessss, I am glad you can relate! 🙂 ❤ Human beings are interesting lol

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  2. Haha, you defnitely look nice, Karen! And also you look serious. I guess that is what makes those people trust you. I can imagine how annoying it is to be questioned permanently. But I was also a tourist in NYC and sometimes you are just glad to get a brief confirmation about something you are not sure about. On the other hand I am sure that some people simply don’t want to make the effort to find out themselves and take the easy way. Btw. I cannot stand it to be touched by strangers like you described it.

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  3. Everyone wants a piece of that awesome energy you project 🙂
    But I understand because I have encountered the same things.
    A drunk guy kissed me on the cheek while I was standing with family in Vegas waiting to cross the street. What the What?!! All I could say was “Walk away Rapidly. Now!”
    You need a tshirt that says: I am cute and look approachable but use caution. lol
    Great post

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