Do What You Want To Do!

Lately, the more I talk to people about degrees and the more they ask me what I plan on doing with mine I am kind of glad I don’t talk about it with many people.

If you are anything like me, you not only hate when people tell you about yourself….but you also hate when they try to tell you what your major can do for you.

Are you currently trying to be where you want to be or are you stuck in the same situation as I am?

If you are working retail, don’t tell me about what my post grad should look like if you are doing the same thing as I am.

IF you have neverrrrrr been to college and held all your coins instead of spending them on college loans and such, DO NOT tell me what I could, should be doing.

The most basic yet versatile major is English.

I know some bloggers who are or was English majors so they can relate.

The questions such as:

“Do you wanna be a teacher?”

“What can you do with that?”

The post grad Q:

“Have you tried teaching?”

I have to prepare myself for these questions because I am quick to want to smart mouth my response.

Child I have to do better.

I try to throw in the Creative Writing part after I tell people my major and some people get the hint while others are just oblivious.

Because English is just English right? We don’t have the right to learn other things besides how to analyze a book, poem, short story and so forth ? Or we all just learn how to teach.

Most people get that CW involves writing anything in anyway that I want. Perhaps even a profession related to writing.

I myself want to be an editor of a publishing company but I know I have to climb the ladder to get there. I also want to be an author, but you guys know that!

If I can find a job to blog about great topics, shoot that would be lovely!

A CW degree can do anything. It is just selective in the sense that it gives you the right to want to write.

But anywhoooo this is really about any major! 

I know some people in many business majors that get stereotyped.

Why does society clump together a bunch of random things and people find it okay to follow along?

This is what grinds my gears.

Do whatever you want and be proud. 

Don’t let curious minds reroute your choice. 

Being an English major doesn’t mean you will be forever stuck. It takes patience.

I knew what I was walking into when I changed majors. I love all of the things I have learned and in the next post coming up this week, you’ll see exactly what I learned from class. Pictures included! Yay!

So please don’t ask what I can do with an English degree because I can probably do your job.

It’s such a broad major.

It was very fun too!

Ugh it;s been a long time though so hopefully I get somewhere soon!

As I am looking into grad schools to take my next step in life….what are you doing? 🙂 

All my grads talk to me! Even the almost grads! I know you hear it all the time. 

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12 thoughts on “Do What You Want To Do!

  1. Yes, I can definitely relate to your post! As a recent college grad who majored in English, I keep getting the “what are your plans now” question. Although I have a job line up for me for the next year, it’s temporary and people are already asking me what I want to do after that job ends! I know these people mean well, but come on, I just graduated college!

    I am still considering becoming an editor-publisher, but recently, I have also been thinking about being a college admissions counselor, or even going back to school and pursuing an MFA in poetry. But for now, I will enjoy the amount of free time I have this summer. I wish you the best in your future endeavors, fellow English major!

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    • Yep I know! I had you in mind too hehe. Oh man they asking you already! They don’t understand.
      Ooo similar life goals. College admissions counselor sounds cool. I am applying to get my MFA in creative writing too! Fiction though. Yes have a great summer! 🙂 Thank you my fellow English major!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Karen,
    “I myself want to be an editor of a publishing company but I know I have to climb the ladder to get there. I also want to be an author, but you guys know that!”
    Yeessssssssssss, we all guys know that one day you will achieve your dream with your firm determination, hard work and persistent efforts, keep going on, do not worry about what other’s say.
    Wishing you all the best…………

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