You’re Not Worth It!

This one is for anyone that will listen or read…..

The need to cry.

A crying session.

Are women the only ones to schedule a crying moment?

What happens when you can’t take it anymore and become so frustrated.

That’s in your relationship, marriage, your job, life…whatever.

Sometimes you keep everything bottled in because you are sick and tired of explaining your complicated life to those who may or may not be tired of hearing about it.

Or you don’t want to be judged anymore.

Friends are always there for you sure, but some are always going to judge the things you do differently from them.

Now i have never scheduled a cry, but I have seen it in movies and heard many people talk about doing it.

Like how do you seriously schedule a time and date to cry?

Fill me in please.

When I need to let it out, it just happens.

I could be working or at home. At a friend’s….

Sometimes life sucks and that’s all you can do.

I just can’t sit and say “okay Aug 4th at 3pm is when I need to cry.”


However I was sitting and thinking about everything I have been through in my life and where I am going.

No I am not where I want to be and that’s okay because they tell you to be patient. I am being veryyyy patient.

But I am not satisfied with where things are right now.

I am on my way to fixing it as I speak! I promise friends! ๐Ÿ˜€

The other day I was on the train at 4:00 AM heading home from fun adventures of my friend’s birthday and I said holy shit.

What the hell am I doing with my life?

I almost shed a tear on the train because I have so much going on in my head and I don’t want to tell no one about it.

So it’s just me, myself and I.

Well there is one person I do share my opinions with.

Perhaps, make that two.

But you know some things are best kept to yourself.

Right? Another one of those society quotes we live by.

I have had a strand of gray hair and I am still young.


Life is stressing me.

But while I was on that very local train, I asked myself why must us woman go through this factor of needing to release.

Crying is a good release, I cannot lie. It’s about the second best release after the “first” one. Haha

It also makes you feel weak though.

I came across this quote and I guess it is true.

I’ve been strong for sooooooooo long. I laugh more than I shed tears because laughter is so much better.

I have experienced a lot of things that only a few people know and understand.

It makes me feel foolish to have gone through some things I could have prevented but as a child no one thinks properly.

The more I age, the more I look back on the lessons I learned and how I can grow from them.

Ever been in a relationship where you feel like you have done more crying than progress or shared happiness?

I have. It’s to the point where I won’t waste my tears anymore.

Things haven’t changed, no matter how long you wait. Things are getting worse no matter how you look at it.

There’s no respect, no gratitude.

Throw in the towel?

The well has run dry…….

All the emotional abuse is unhealthy and I learned I can be better than that.

I don’t have to take that from anybody.

I don’t have to tolerate petty arguments and screaming matches over bullshit.

Grrrrrrrr. Life is too short to waste it.

I’m also not going to sit around and wait around with people that are holding me down with balls and chains.

Even if it doesn’t look that way, it feels that way.

But why does it feel good to cry about such things? I saved myself that day and didn’t let one drop.

Relationships shouldn’t bring tears.

Yet we always have them.

Welp no more sadness for SHE. ME. HER.ย 

I am going to live my life the way I want to from this day forth.

Remember a man worth crying for doesn’t make you cry.

I almost forgot about that tidbit.

Look at yourself and at life and say

And listen to those songs that turns your mood all the wayyy up!

Wheewwww! I just had to shake that off!

The next time you shed a tear for anything in your life, ask if it’s worth it.ย 

Friends, do you ever get these moment? Ever wonder why?ย 

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24 thoughts on “You’re Not Worth It!

  1. I am a man, and I cry. I cry more than my wife. I don’t “schedule” cries, but I do try to hold it in to where I won’t be judged. If I am at home alone and something makes me cry (as simple as a movie), then I let out all those other things I’d been holding in at the same time. And your partner in a relationship should never make you cry, although misunderstandings, accidental hurt feelings, or just things you may have had to face together probably will.

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    • Of course you are a man Josh :). That’s good, I don’t understand how people can schedule cries. Yeeesss I am guilty of crying from one thing that leads to another. I agree 100%. Crying together is different than one making the other cry. That is why the relationship is on the rocks now.

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      • Yeah, it is tough, I mean, if it is some misunderstanding or hurt feelings that can be worked with to made better, then if it is rare, the rest could be worth it. But if it is intentional hurt, that is another thing altogether. And I know my name shows up, but you would not believe how many times someone has thought I was female in my comments or posts. One time, I was reblogged and someone commented, “Listen to her, she really knows what she is talking about?” Um, what? LOL. Hope the best for you, whatever that ends up being.

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  2. I have cried so much the last seven months and I felt so very weak. But you are right. The right man doesn’t cause you pain. If he does, he’s not the right man. Go where the love is. Hugs xo

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  3. I mostly cry at touching and emotional things I see on Facebook, TV etc. I don’t cry very often for personal reasons. Once in awhile I go through a “poor me” phase. Then I tell myself to suck it up and move on. It does seem though that I cry at least once a week but it’s usually because of the first thing I mentioned. So I’m pretty sure I don’t need any scheduled crying time.

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    • Aww I hear you girl! I am a sap for romantic movies might I add. Sometimes it’s better not to cry. Yeah girl, can’t let nothing stress you. Well at least there’s motive. Mine comes from a relationship.

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  4. Tears are expressions of feeling we have no words for. But in letting our tears out the words may come and bring relief. I so hear you. We stay strong and try to keep it together. But then a tiny thing can break the water balloon open. I too learned to let my feelings out. That was a journey since I was tought that tears are a sign of weakness. So stupid!!! A crying man for example is a sign of strength or me. Because he stands tall for his feelings and therefore for himself. Wonderful post, Karen!

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  5. So much truth in this! Sometimes you need one of those good, sho nuff UGLY onesโ€ฆ’snot bubbles, hyperventilating & all LOL!


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