Help Me Out Here……

I have had a pondering question for a really long time.

I have no choice but to ask it every single time I have to move on to the next chapter in my life.

Why is the job market such a bitch!? *Excuse my language*

You ever apply to 10,000 jobs and feel stuck in the same shit hole?

Why do we sit at a screen for so many hours waiting for the opportunity to have 8 hrs a day controlled by someone else?

Unless you own your own business.

Waste time going to interviews and end up nowhere.

Then it feels like a gamble.

I have gone to many interviews and two of them strike the question.

When I applied for Starbucks last year for example, it was simple.

The 3 part interview was No Big Deal.

They treated the interview as a conversation.

Good. Take the edge off.

Every single one of those interviews were as such.

That’s how I got in!! Cool….

But when I looked for a second job in the Fall so I can leave them (that’s a long story), I stumbled upon a shitty interview that made me want to curse people out. I am not that person though.

The manager was a huge douche as she looked at all of us like she was threatened we were coming for her job.

Well I could because I have a degree. She told us she doesn’t.


So she was being rude to me based on the credentials on my resume.


I always smile and engage in my interviews because that is the key.

Literally I walk into interviews like this:

Too bad I can’t actually say that. But what is the point of a resume when you are just going to ask me about the same exact thing??


I need to leave this retail business stuff aloneeeee.

I love customer service.

For all my teenagers that read me often, Hear me when I say a good customer service job teaches you things about life.

Especially patience, tolerance and being efficient. 

There are many people with personalities and you will come across them every day.

From the grouch, the nicest, the sweetest, low speaking, loud speaking, obnoxious, to the cutest!

There are all sorts of people you encounter when you work anywhere.

Lately coffee shops has been my thing but that is because I enjoy the interaction between bar and customers.

Anywhoooo…back to this job process rant.

I shouldn’t have to apply to a job, get redundant questions and then the “We will call you.”

Noooo tell me now what you think about me and my shitty or awesome resume.

Why can’t we live in a world where the job search is less stressful, the job is less stressful, and we as humans can be somewhat happy…

We are fighting for minimum wage consistently.

It shouldn’t matter if it’s a woman or a man, why do we treat interviews differently in that sense too?

I don’t dress up or dress down based on who I am meeting  with.

Neither should you.

I am 25 and dying to reach my obtainable goal as even entry level at a publishing company.

It would be so nice if “Post Grad” this world provided jobs for us humans still looking for jobs in our degree’s chosen field.

Good thing I am considering grad school! Part 2 whew!

But it sucks.

“It’s who you know, not what you know.”

Can I get some people to know though? 😛

I have friends who are still looking to make money.

Or more money.

Money makes the world go round and the world go crazy.

Life shouldn’t be this hard.

The job market should switch stuff up.

Essentially this is how I feel….

I’m content now but the search never ends. I have dreams and I will reach them!

I refuse to settle into retail for the rest of my life. *No offense to those that have*

Don’t tell me I over qualify for a job when I know that’s not the case. Don’t tell me I under qualify if I am at the interview I have to be somewhere right? 😀

I was over qualified for a job when I was honest last year. I told them in 5 years I see myself as a published writer. What’s wrong with that?

This must be one of my longest rants. I could continue but I’ll stop and open the discussion instead 😀

Am I the only one that feels like it’s all a sham? A game? It’s worse than monopoly. What are your feelings? 

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23 thoughts on “Help Me Out Here……

  1. I am living in a totally different part of the world, but the job situation here is not easy. The better you are qualified the better. But after a certain age (let’s say in my age which is 45) it already starts getting different although we have 20 years left until we get retired. Jobs are rare too and most companies are a little in trouble financially.

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    • Oh yeah, where do you live? I don’t think I knew that hehe. That is great! Perhaps I should move. 😀 That’s no so bad. It sounds like you have some time before retirement to get settled. Geez. Yeah I can see that too. But the hassle of applying drives me nuts.

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      • I am in Liechtenstein (between Austria and Switzerland). Getting a job is not easy and depending on the job you really have to be very well educated… there are many in line. The good thing is that we have periods of notice for at least 3 months. So mostly time for finding a new job before the old one runs out. Also over here everybody has ensurance through the company. That’s the law.

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  2. Super post 😀 and we all are looking for something or the other but yeah the recruiting process is the worst everywhere and the question WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THESE MANY YEARS is a catch. It should be banned 😀 and you’re not alone 😉

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  3. Oh my Gos, I was just thinking about this! I am currently applying to a million jobs for the summer, and it’s frustrating to get even an interview! As a twenty something year old like you, I feel your pain.

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    • Great minds think alike. Good luck girl. It is not easy. I am still looking to get a career job. Of course! This is the years where we should have it together, but they make it hard.

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  4. My daughter graduated from college last May, but she doesn’t have a job yet in her field. Right now she’s working part-time at a golf course. Her biggest problem is not that there aren’t any jobs in her field or similar, it’s that every single one of them posts “must have 2 to 3 years experience. ” Well if no one hires you, how are you supposed to get the experience?

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      • Now you come back? Smh. When we wasn’t talking you posted everyday then the moment you comment on my post then I reply to it and leave a comment on yours you vanish for like a month. You asked me to email you. Good thing I didn’t because it would have just frustrated me even more than I originally was.

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        • Sorryyy I have been through one hell of a stressful week. Too emotional to post so I been away. 😦 I am going to check out your page tonight! It has ONLY been a week you over exaggerator! 😛

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        • What page? This not about a book! This is about us collaborating and putting our minds together to get out the rat race. To you it has been a week but to me it has been a month. When you know the potential of a mastermind meeting then time goes by faster. I’m still happy I didnt email you cause you wouldn’t have replied. And if it’s one thing I hate is being ignored. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh

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        • 😛 You are right. I am so sorry friend. FOrgive me? 😀 😀 Heeyyyyy stop being mean! I am here now right? I could have ignored you, but I told you I wasn’t


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