Hey You….Can You Spare a Dollar?!

Let me tell you about being broke.

It sucks. But I hate when there’s fake friends that follow behind it.

Confused? Here let me explain…No Kevin Hart intended hehe

So I’m sure you haven’t, but ever see a friend that asks you to attend a place that obviously costs money and they know you have ZERO coins…yet they ask anyway?

Almost like rubbing it in that you can’t go anywhere. Then they don’t offer to spot you when they really want you to go.

In this lovely city you get all sorts of people right?

So what’s is being broke? What does it feel like?

When I say, “Hey I’m broke.” For me it’s I don’t have a pot to piss in.

It’s not “hey I have money saved up but I’m broke”

Friends always get it twisted.Β 

This has happened many times before. It doesn’t help when you’re in a bad spot in your mind from being unemployed that friends have to remind you that you can’t go no where.

When I’m broke I just wanna stay home. But even when I do have money I don’t wanna go out sometimes. It’s a waste to hang with friends that don’t appreciate you for you.

Oops, they get dropped.

It’s always when you have no money when friends have events, soon as you have money, there’s dead air all around.

What brought me to this topic was a debate that happened at the start of the year. My friend wanted me to go with her somewhere. I told her I’m broke. Like flat broke.

She should have known what I meant.

But she thought I meant broke with some money in my pocket. We went back and forth via text. I wasn’t upset, but I can tell she was. She had the nerve to say why didn’t I say I was broke.

My blogging friends…I did didn’t I? My exact words were “I’m sorry but I am broke. I don’t even have money to get in” (was going to a club).

Ugh silly people.

That’s when I questioned and realized all at once there’s two types of broke that I didn’t know existed until I attended university. If you have $1,000 in the bank that’s not broke!

I also have this one friend that just never wants to work. Like girl get a job! Take care of your own. I don’t understand people sometimes. I use to stick my neck out and be nice, but I won’t cater to people that take advantage of me anymore. Β Get it together, you are grown!!

Oh and let’s not forget about relationships. There’s a limit to my madness before I get pissed off.

I’m perfectly fine with giving you money, but please don’t abuse me.

Don’t use me.

In all my relationships I was neverrrr the woman that asked for him to buy me things. Expensive things at that. I can buy my own.

I may ask you to pay for a couple dates, but I return the favor. Never do I stick my hand out like a kid for money.

(Cute pic right? :D)

Nope. I’ll starve before looking that dependent.

The only thing keeping me broke lately are my bills and lunch I get every time I work. Smh

Of course there are the friends that spend their money on the lavishing things in life and then complain about having no money. Spare me the excuses.

Back to the difference….calling broke when you have some money in your account that can pay for 3 movies and a dinner is NOT BROKE.

I wish people would stop making it look that way. Just say you don’t want to spend money for x,y,z reasons.

Broke is when the real and true homeless need money. (NY has many fake people, especially the rich playing homeless like it’s a joke)

Broke is when your bank account says $0-10. Some may go as high as $20.

Broke is sacrificing your hunger so your partner can eat. (I’ve done it and he’s done it too)

Broke is wanting all those fancy clothes, cars, shoes and not being able to obtain them.

Broke is paying all the bills for the house thus leaving you with nothing for play time.


So which type of broke are you? Both are acceptable, just be honest about it instead of making it look a certain way. It’s okay to save but don’t call it “broke” when it’s rainy day money.

What do you do when you have no money? Do you have friends that act just like this? A boyfriend or a girlfriend? I’m all eyes! πŸ˜‰

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13 thoughts on “Hey You….Can You Spare a Dollar?!

  1. I am broke right now…oh I only have enough to get me to work which is not enough to buy lunch but good thing is am fasting so I don’t need lunch. Now that is being broke. Like you said you are broke when you don’t have money to spare and when you are waiting for a rainy day…i thought when a friends call for help (someone who has had your back before) is what the rainy day money is for…..but hey what do I know.


  2. Just like there’s two sides to every coin, I guess there’s two sides to me too; because I know what it’s like to be broke and not to be broke, but even when I had money I never pretended like I didn’t. #IDon’tGetRichPeopleSMH@Ya’ll All my life I made money, spent money, lost money, and invested/saved money, but there was a few periods in which I had it all and also when I had nothing. I think you hit the nail on the head Ms.Shade with your comment on friends that always seem to have everything else going on when you have no money to participate, but when you’re rolling in the green like Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge; literally nothing is popping off. SMH I had friends that let’s just say got it like that and whenever we went out I always secretly felt like the underdog. It was like a Millionaire going out with his Billionaire friends, no contest; but over the years I learned to say “no, I just don’t have it like that,” but “no” to some friends its like I’m saying “ummm… things are tight but alright let’s go.” #RichPeopleProblems Then they feel some type of way when you say you can’t smh. Also for bfs/gfs, back in college I had this “one” gf that always used to ask me to buy her stuff, if I could pay her bills, pick up her/the tabs, etc. and what was so incredibly funny to me was, she’d always go around pretending to not be that girl in public (w/ friends). Although I secretly had it like that (#ThingsShe’llNeverKnowNow) I wanted to see if she was really there for me, or was it the possibilities she could have with me? ………. I guess I’ll never know; but I totally get you Ms. Shade with the friends/gf/bf/andFAMILY! that use and abuse you because they know you love them and can’t say no.
    Great post! very relatable topic, and I love that show “2 Broke Girls” and also “I’m all eyes!” I wonder where you got that from. LOL πŸ™‚ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I am glad you can relate again! Hmmm I wonder how this gf feels about you one siding it now…Two sides to a story lol. If you had it like that then why not help her out? πŸ˜›

      Thank u and lol yes it’s a good show. I got that from myself πŸ˜› πŸ™‚


  3. I don’t know and really couldn’t care less how she feels now, but to answer your Q; some people aren’t worth the time, she had other agendas and I wasn’t a priority to her so why help her change her life, or let her in on my biggest secrets my own family don’t know about me? Truthfully I still do have it, and I did help her out, I loaned her like $20,000 for school, & I’ll be guiding/coaching her on how to love & be a better person during our whole relationship. I was there for her every step of the way through, but again some people just aren’t worth it! And your very welcome, oh see. lol πŸ™‚

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