Why You Just Can’t Be Honest?!

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Now back to the topic at hand………..

We all have friends. We have best friends and some not so best friends. As women, we have the most complicated friendships with other women! Why is that?

Why do we separate the girl friends so far from the best friends? I guess that’s how it should be.

Some girl friends, homegirls, friends, homies or w.e. you want to call them are made to just be an associate of some sort. I don’t know about you, but I have had many fake friends. They smile all in your face and then talk trash about you behind your back. Why?

This one girl used to do it to just about everyone. Gossip was too good for her to hold in her mind so she had to spread everyone else’s news. That’s why when I am at work, in class or walking with that one friend I haven’t seen in a long time, I feel them out first. Let them express their feelings. I won’t be entitled to share my life until I feel as if she’s not just prying for information. Like girl, just stop.

Yet let someone spread her business and all hell breaks loose! Hypocrite!

What about when you have your best friend meet your other friends and they act different. Ohh lord I remember when I set up my friends to hang out so we can all hangout. But one always made it awkward. We all can be shared (not in that way), and are able to manage more than one friendship. However, some people are selfish, stingy, clingy, saddened and want you all to themselves. You don’t see it until you focus on their reaction.

Geez. What happens now? I always approach the situation. I ask what’s up and if there is anything that can be done. I have a keepsake of friends as contacts and once upon a time I had plenty moments where we all could get together and hang out. No one should change who they are because of who they are around.

Don’t stay quiet because you only know me, learn to mingle!

But wait…………

I used to be guilty of that too. Man I am guilty of a lot of things! Haha

But I usually sit and observe the environment and people then I make conversation.


Then there are the hypocritical friends that want you to do one thing, but they can’t do the other.

For example:

You want to gossip about your whole life for the week whether it’s dealing with boys, the boyfriend, classes, friends, work, etc yet you could care less about what your friend has to say about her own business.

Don’t just be the talker, be the listener as well! It pays off both ways even if one friend is talking more than the other.

Sometimes we need to share what happened with the boyfriend and how annoying it is. Or how good/bad it was meeting someone new, new jobs, new friends, whatever.

It’s called Venting ladies and gentlemen! Which means you call that one friend who will listen to your problems just to release it from your mind….or schedule a hangout just to do exactly that.

I know I can count on my best friends to always be there for me. Male and female. We know we are sick of each other’s random rants and complaints but we sure do talk about it each time.

Sorry ladies, but I prefer to hang with the male species much better! No cat fights, arguing, no drama. Just laughs and advice and good time. Innocent good time you dirty minded souls! 😛

Plus when you ask guys about guys they usually know the answer to the question you may have. Or they will just offer their own piece of information because most guys believe they know the thoughts of guys in general.

Like us women do lol….

Now Social media makes everything easy right?

Okay so why would that one friend think it’s acceptable to post about you without mentioning your name? They just post as a general statement but you knowwww it is about you because the two of you just had that conversation.


Don’t post about me when I can tell who it’s about. Maybe it’s just me. I can see Shade when it’s readily available.

Obviously I am going to check my FB or Twitter because I am as active as you are. Don’t try it okay. Unless you wanted me to see it.

She probably did. 😀

Ya see, me….I just laugh at the post and shake my head. There’s no need for writing one back. For what?

Talk to social media all you want boo boo. In this case it was Facebook.

Howeverrrrrrr Twitter is the best for saying how you feel in 140 characters.

Believe it or not, I am a lover of hashtags. Hashtags explain everything. Am I Right?

#Don’tTalkMessAboutMe #BeReal

Also, being a grad from a school away from home….when I had moved back home, I lost all touch of most of my friends in school :(. But it was same way when I left to go to school. Friends stopped hitting me up. I had to put in extra work to speak to them. But my NY friends always respond. When I moved back home it was as if all my friends out there stopped talking to me except for one.

Why do friends so such things? The truth would be to say things such as:

It’s sad how things have to end this way. But as soon as I say I’m back in the state, all friends flock again.

It’s a weird cycle. But I have a low tolerance for people and their B.S. If you don’t want to talk to me daily then fine, we won’t talk. How about that?!  No one deserves a shady friend. 

Just say how you really feel! That’s all.

Do you have a shady friend? What have they done? Not only are girl friends shady but guy friends are too.

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5 thoughts on “Why You Just Can’t Be Honest?!

  1. Great post! As for me, I wouldn’t be friends with someone who was shady. I live my life by honesty, and if I can’t trust those who aren’t, then I don’t befriend them. Simple as that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Ms. Shade, I have seen my fair share of shade friends that’s why I learned to keep my distance now, but this one “friend” I can’t seem to shake her. LOL 🙂 In general I think shady friends need to just disappear because most of them can’t be honest with themselves much less with you. #NoTimeForrFakePeople Goodd post Ms, Shade! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, yea sometimes you just have to exit stage left for good. Lol She sounds like a great friend! 🙂
      Or they can stop being shady!! Simple. Love the hashtag!


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