Give Me a Break Will Ya!?

So I do not even know where to begin!

I try to spare my feelings most of the time, but sometimes I want to shout.

Why is it so hard to find a seat these days?!

I can’t fathom how the human race is ass backwards. It drives me nuts!

Obviously no one can read my mind on the train, because if they could, they would know that I am beyond tired and kindly need to sit down. I’ve been standing and moving for over 8 hours. My body is exhausted. Especially from doing so 3-4 days in a row!

For my non train takers that are sorta lucky in those states with buses, does this happen to you?

Your legs are crying for a seat. Your feet are burning for a break. Your eyes just want to be closed for a few minutes!

What do you do?

I can patiently wait for a seat, but I am internally hating all people that can’t see the exhaust on my face.

Then when a seat arises when you are about to get off. #AnnoyingPeople

I’m so tired sometimes my tired is tired! LOL


As a woman, working all those long hours, I deserve a break right? Why can’t a seat be offered?

At 10:00 p.m. Β trains still pile up. Not as crowded as rush hour but at times I have to wait 3-4 stops before a sit down.

Grrrrrrrrrrr! My legs don’t want to wait that long.

Now I know there are many signs that verify who to give up your seats to. I see them all the time, Β but I feel like they need to be revised. πŸ˜›

I feel like the pregnant, disabled, elderly and the super tired should work. Just fit it right in as bubble #5. Do you agree? πŸ˜‰


For those of you who may not have caught on from the other posts, where I am and for the new followers, I will enlighten you that I am the “city that never sleeps” also known as the “Big Apple” which is “NYC!”

The city that is becoming filled with too many people. But I will post about that another day.

NY posters have this:


So with this I ask, why not enough people offer their seat if it’s the LAW? NY loophole?? Ugh!

While this poster is rather stereotypical as it has a man offering his seat, this shall be true!

Take it from an MTA traveler at least 6 days a week, I see more men sitting and more women standing.

What is this world coming to?!

Less and less men are offering their seats in this city and it is just sad.

If I see parents with children, pregnant or the elderly standing, I make eye contact and offer to get up for them.

Why can’t it be the same way for those of us hard working women that just got off and need to relax?

To all my beautiful guys on here, If you feel offended….My apologies as I am obviously not talking about you! I feel like all of you would totally give up your seats. Unless my eyes are deceiving me. Lol

But for real…….

DO I have to beg for one? I’m exhausted, I just got off work or from standing more than 8 hours from any activity. Can I get a seat?


That’s all I ask! Well me and every other woman/person that needs a seat waaaayyyy more than you!

Maybe the MTA needs more seats, especially with the fare hikes we keep getting. IDK!

All these signs must be rigged because I don’t see it happening often!


One thing I missed about school was the generous students that offered seats. Male and female πŸ™‚

We had to take campus buses to classes often. They came back to back due to the many students that had class in the same hour.

I can tolerate ISU’s buses but neverrrrr MTA buses. I’ll pass!

Even then they understood the pain and torture! haha

But they weren’t in NYC, of course! That was waaayyyy out at ISU!

A state that changed me in some ways for the better. I learned about so many people. The people there were great.

Sooooo with this, I’ll say Different states feature diff people!

Please offer your seat to those who have tirreeeddd written all over them, aside from the priority seating suggestions. πŸ™‚

Have you ever been so tired you don’t want to stand or felt like you were literally about to fall?

Ever took the transit and felt my pain?

Not just NYC but other towns, states, cities, countries?

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19 thoughts on “Give Me a Break Will Ya!?

  1. I agree for the most part, but people look at me and they see healthy, strong, guy but I am not. So many times, I will sit in those seats and I hate the dirty looks I get. You never know what’s going on with someone by how they look.

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  2. My daughter has lived in NYC for less than a year and being originally from the south she’s found that the rules of common courtesy definitely do not apply. She didn’t live in a city with trains or even buses or cabs so learning to navigate the subway system was a challenge in and of itself. She calls almost daily with “tales from the trains”! Good luck getting a seat on your next train trek! From what I’ve been told it can be hell out there on them there trains!

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  3. As much as I do wanna sit down when I see that empty seat, if it’s not two empty seats next to each other I’m not sitting because I don’t like being close to people, especially on trains and buses– the seats a too damn tight!! I’ll stand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha I feel u, I don’t sit on those seats that don’t have the bars. I hear you tho, some people don’t give u space. But you better than me cause sometimes I need to sit, I could care less about who’s next to me as long as they don’t lean on me πŸ˜›


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