Saturday Rocks! (Friday School Day 2)

(Written January 24,2015) 

Pierre woke up Saturday morning to a very sunny day and to Larry playing music. He went in the kitchen to make himself some cereal. The cereal he ate was Honey Nut Chex. He thought the cereal was just too irresistible to eat. After he ate, his mom told him to clean his room.

While Pierre was cleaning his room, he decided to sing another remix to the song “Tuesday” by Makonnen that went like this: In my room cleaning up, on a Saturday; Bring the dust pan and the broom cause it’s Saturday.” Then, Larry walked in and said “you are one irregular bro, but at least that’s not inappropriate like the real song.” Pierre laughed at his brother’s silly comment.

After Pierre was done cleaning the room, he followed Larry to see what their dad was watching. He was watching the news. They looked on and saw that someone killed an innocent person. Nothing new. Pierre said, “What?! Killing is illegal.” Larry said “No duh. People do it anyway.” The twosome brothers came up with an idea since their dad was so plugged into the TV. They played a prank on their father and muted the TV. Then they ran upstairs. Their dad said, “What? Who did that? Now the TV is inaudible.” The boys laughed from the top of the steps.

Before their father caught on, they went to their room and talked about the killing. Pierre said, “It’s impolite to kill people. That is why killing is one of my inabilities. Killing is just illogical and improper. It shows that some people are insecure. I think that the killer should be impartial.” Larry said, “Wow, that’s not irrational at all.”

Pierre and Larry then decided to start their homework together. Pierre looked in his folder to show mom a paper for a trip to the zoo. He ran downstairs  to give it to her. She said, “It’s a bit illegible, but I think I can read it so I’ll sign it.” Pierre was getting impatient waiting for her to give it back. He checked for her signature and saw a hard indent on the paper. He said, “Thank you!” Afterwards, Pierre went to finish doing his homework with Larry.

Once the boys wrapped up their homework, they went to the skate park. They saw their friends Adriana, Jack, Jah’leah, Karen, Mike and Lisa. When they walked up to their friends, Adriana challenged Larry to a skate battle. All the friends agreed and cheered them on. Larry fell on his face trying to impress Adriana, forgetting that he sucked at skate boarding. He instantly became embarrassed. His trick was so ineffective and imperfect that he became immobile and immovable. He laughed it off because he figured he was just an individual.

To Be Continued……

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