Ugh Not Another Boyfriend!

So let me tell you. I was guilty of this a couple times. I used to say it to friends, but mostly they say it to me.

When they become snoozers I think it’s time to replace them. Don’t you agree?

*To the left to the left, everything you own in a box to the left*

If a guy believed he was irreplaceable, I tell them I can show them better than I can tell them.

Why must their egos be so big? I Don’t Know!

That includes bad boys!

For the Exes that really thought they were “keep arounds” …..

As kids of the teenage years you still don’t fully know yourself right? Then when you date, it’s kind of hard to peel through the eyes of that person. Some of them aren’t entirely open and others are silent.

As my grandma would say, “you change boyfriends more than you changed ya underwear” 

Oh how I miss my grandma! ❤

Which was funny, but sooo not true! If that was the case, it would have been every day! 😀

What makes a boyfriend? Is it the status you guys say: BF/GF or is it the things he buy for you? The many dates you go on, the word boy-friend, the fact one of you asked the other out?

So many wrong reasons that most women probably agree to.

In my opinion, a boyfriend is someone who:

is trustworthy, appreciative, takes care of you, honest, loving, caring, funny, smart, a best friend, can take care of himself and more.

Every relationship has their ups and downs. Some survive the storm and others run through it with no umbrella, leaving them soaked for the rest of their lives.

Then they become the one that got away

Cue Katy Perry‘s song!

If a relationship is running smoothly, then there aren’t much negatives. Unless he’s a physical/emotional/mental abuser. That’s when you should leave or get help immediately!

The one thing I can say is having a best friend as a BF makes things sooooo much easier! haha

Not the we’ve gotten to know each other BFF while in the relationship.


The BFF beforeeeee the relationship.

Am I the only one that agrees? (Show of hands? :D)

In my opinion of course I believe they know all about you and know how to treat you right. Everybody is only  human so there will be faults in a relationship. It’s only up to you on how to handle it.

I’ve had many faults in mine, but that’s what makes us stronger.

I am actually surprised this relationship lasted as long as it did.

*HIM* as he is identified in all my posts for now, has been successfully driving me crazy for 6 years! We have been friends for 11 years total.

I kind of miss the humor behind ugh not another boyfriend! Girl you stay busy! Do you ever have time for yourself?

Guys I guess I’ve grown up. I am in a much committed relationship. So there! No one can’t say I have commitment issues.


I’m usually the quiet one in the relationship, with HIM though, I express my funny side, and he’s the blabbermouth!

Sssshhhh! Quiet in the area! haha ….But It’s all love right? I accepted it during BFF, and I accept it now.

There are many traits in Girlfriends too that are similar to the BF, so I am not excluding them.

Men, what are the best traits you see in women? How do you think they compare?

Ladies! Do you agree? What did I miss? Share your thoughts as well!

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One thought on “Ugh Not Another Boyfriend!

  1. LOL Funny Post! You & Him must be very happy together? Sounds like you two the perfect soul mates. My wife and mother of my 1st was also my BFF so finding that is extremely rare and lucky. Don’t ever let “HIM” go because you don’t know it by your whole will change. As for the post questions: I know when I was looking for a wife/mother to my kids I searched for a woman who could so it all. She didn’t have to be Superwoman, just be a super woman; so some of the things I looked for was is she 100% genuine (honest), smart, beautiful inside (outside blooms after), funny (there’s something sexy about a woman who can make me laugh and laugh with me). And a dictionary list full of there things too long to mention on wordpress, but you get it. As to how that compare, I believe men and women are the same in the sense that we both want the same things out of live, for some of us we just approach them differently. Some people search a life time for happiness, and I think you might of truly found it Ms. Shade, you probably just don’t know it yet. 🙂 Keep the greatness coming!

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