Dear John? Dear Jane Rather….Well It’s Just Me!

Dear Me or Younger Self or Adolescent Girl or Dear Smiley (As You always smile):

First off, you still look the same. Same face, same hair. Only you dyed it a few times. You just know that beauty is skin deep.

Oh I don’t have anything bad to say, as things happen for a reason, so grab the popcorn as I tell you how much growth has happened. I’m so proud of you!

Now, Remember the time when you said “Hey I want to be published by 22?” Well that’s sort of true. Right? Right! You stumbled upon a student newspaper and an online magazine. That counts right? Oh even though you meant more along the lines of a published author. Well you wrote those articles therefore you ARE an author! :). Yeah you wanted a book with a huge book signing gig. You said 22 is the year! That was only at age 15. Right now 22 was a couple years ago.

You saw many horrible occurrences throughout your life and had no one to talk to about it. You grabbed that loose leaf paper and jotted down words that became dialogue and BAM! A story was born.

You set it aside because it was your best kept secret. You didn’t want family to see it. You read all the time as you were a bookworm so you knew just how to start your introduction. But you thought to yourself, would this sell? I have to be more convincing. You wrote a lot of this “memoir” during the summer when you had free time because it was High School and you did have a life.

Well I hate to break it to ya, it doesn’t exist today. The “memoir” I call it because it was very personal and very true to you, was just that….VERY PERSONAL! Some things that can get people in trouble. Plus, you shared that story so much that your friends helped you cope.

When you wasn’t building relationships with friends as you thought “this will be good for the book!” You were out in an actual relationship. You still say that about almost every situation.

As the years progress, things get challenging.

So you want to be an author eh? It’s a lot harder than it looks. You have to brand yourself, connect with authors and be patient! Remember when you had NO patience? My my! That changed. You’re so much more patient. 

You found mentors and you cherish them. That was what you needed. It was missing for a long time.

A career comes with time and hard work. Of course you need dedication too. You learn now that your career will come when you take the right steps to achieve it. As I write this, I must tell you that you are reading books to help achieve that book publishing goal. It starts with this one:

Zane has been in our lives since 14 and never left. She is a mentor you’ve tweeted a couple times and hope that in the long run you will meet her. So far, this book is helping. You jot down the important notes from the book.

You’ve also found other great authors along your path willing to provide you with advice on this blog you started, always :).

You should have been like most girls and completely ignore having a boyfriend. Boys are an easy distraction. Why couldn’t you have learned from your mom that boys should come in college? Ugh! (…..because she wasn’t a role model that’s why)

You should have been more ambitious and more goal driven to success, but instead you ate up the need to be social. Girl, today you could care less about a text message. You have career goals to meet and it is all about you now!

My advice to you would have been to take a good look in the mirror and see all the potential you have. Utilize it smart. Don;t be afraid to ask questions to even those that can teach you how to reach goals much quicker.

Oh You also smiled way too much. You think that changed? Nope, you still do. Every job you had, managers always said to you “Thank you for smiling so much. It really makes me and customers smile” or “I love when you smile, more workers should do the same.” You still hear that at work. That’s why you’re smiley.


One thing you should have done differently? College while in HS perhaps? Those credits look good when you apply to colleges. How about stay local? But noooooo you just had to go outta town because it sounded much peaceful than stressful NYC. No parent? Yes!

Also you should have lived with grandma because she was the only true friend in the family you had. But no regrets, only lessons have come from your past.

You went to a university! It was fun and ravishing. You always said: “I would never leave NY”, yet it changed your life. You made some long time friends. You actually created THREE stories! You are coming along. You went from a scratched story to 3 perfectly almost well written WIP (works in progress) thanks to the workshops you have taken.

No matter the angle of your life story, you changed for the better and it’s just great! You didn’t think you would now would you? You said your life would be one way and it turned into many, bright events and memories.

In a nutshell, you didn’t know where you were going, but you would be proud of who you’ve become. 

May the 30’s be better than the 20’s though because it is not that far! 😀

With Love,

Me, Myself and I

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2 thoughts on “Dear John? Dear Jane Rather….Well It’s Just Me!

  1. Aww, nice letter to self. I remember when I first wrote one of these to myself, and now as of today I’ve written about three to myself. I’ve learned over the years that they can be very helpful, when you slip up off the path you try to create for yourself. They can also be a good way to motivate, yourself and help put a smile on your face whenever your feeling down.

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