Oh My Gosh!…..My Ears Are Ringing!!

“Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Coming out your mouth with your blah blah blah
Zip your lips like a padlock”

When I thought about writing this post, this song came to mind! Even though the rest of it is provocative, these first three lines are perfect for this post! It’s Kesha’s “Blah Blah Blah” song which you can listen to here.

Ever been on a date and think…..man he/she talks too much! It took all but a couple months of dating and getting to know each other to become official and have the gf/bf title.

You thought that they were only talking due to over excitement or to make conversation, but they really are like that all the time. It never pegged you before, but it finally hit you like an epiphany.

Yeah I’m calling this one narrative relationships. It’s my creative way of calling out that one significant other that does all the talking. It’s almost a visual story. You sit down and get swooped up into a story you didn’t know you were in until the last minute. You’ve been buttered up to this talk that is going to take all night.

Sometimes it’s not okay to burn the fuel. I know they say laughter helps burn calories and so does talking, but hold some of that in! lol

When you are being introduced to a friend, it’s acceptable. If you just want to cuddle and they just won’t shush, it’s not acceptable. However there are kisses to fix that! Haha…But keep it PG guys!

If you just got home and you dealt with people all day, the last thing you want to do is go home and hear chitter chatter in your ear like a bee you can’t shake or a fly that likes to swarm around your ear!


I mean they are probably on the same level as the energizer bunny (remember that commercial?!) They keep on going………


I’m all about making conversation especially when a relationships has years on its back, but sometimes we all need some quiet.

Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t want to have no lectures when I get home. This isn’t class! Lol

I’ve felt the same way with phone conversations and living with a parent. The phone convo when the other party don’t let you get a word out everrrr!! The parent that wants to scream at you for no reason? Yeah… but that’s getting off topic so….

I am quiet and observant person. It takes me a while to open up, but when I do I can have a good conversation. But don’t get me wrong, I love a good conversation!

But when problems arise in relationships, they tend to remember everything you did accumulate it so that they can have a long talk with you. They talk about all the things you did wrong from right, how you keep hurting them, how things are changing. To them their conversation is 20 minutes when they sat you down and said hey let’s talk. To you, its more like 2 hours.

Ever have a conversation that was supposed to be short, but it ended up being long? I have them all the time. In relationships they are arguments or “we need to talk” discussions. You just want to run even when you’re soooo tired!

It never ends, but the narrative relationships are the most stressful. You heard it all before and you just had enough. You just sit through it because they need to clear it up.

Oh I didn’t forget the side of the narrative relationship where you can’t get a word out yourself because when they talk all they hear is what they have to say. You try to interrupt, but they keep going.

You feel like you’re watching a repeat on TV or a recording keeps replaying.


I just had to let that one off my chest!

Have you been through it? Are you one of them? Tell me your experience! Do you mind a narrative relationship?

Last but not least:

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