“This is a Man’s World?” Says Who?

Today is a two-fer! First time in my blogging history that I’ve done this. I think you deserve it.

Anywho, You know the song. If not, you can check it out here. Yet even James Brown knew a man is lost without a woman.

However, You hear it all the time.

Men dust the dirt off their shoulders every time because they believe it.

Us women, we just

It is a terrible debate that was probably leaked after the “Eve came from Adam’s rib” blurb.

It lead most men to do such things and hold the world they claim to own over their heads. Men cheat possibly because the ratio of women to men is greater than it is men to women? A man can have 5 girls while a woman will have 1, maybe 2. Hmmmm……

Back then it was pretty clear to see that men were dominant because they were the only one in the working class for a long time until women were granted the opportunity to work. As the years progress, women are dominating and some men might see that as a threat.

There are many songs that degrade women, thus leading men to believe they have the upper hand, but as soon as a woman puts out a song reflecting just what the men are doing, it causes talks all over the world. Unfair.

While I am specifically on the content of music…..

I praise Trey Songz, for his “Without A Woman” song that many people may be unfamiliar with as it was on his 5th studio album. Why not give your earbuds a listen?

I believe that the world is greatly becoming a woman’s world. What is a man without a woman? The same can be said vice versa. There are many women stepping up and finally taking the plate of a man’s corporate position and it keeps growing.

While there was bickering every time the subject was brought up, Beyonce knew how to end the riffs with a catchy addictive and explosive!

I cannot tell a lie, when “Run The World (Girls)” came on in the club; on the radio in the car; or on Pandora; I got my entireeee life! I was always singing the song from the opener to the end with my popping on my seat or in my spot. Lol

whorunthisThat’s one of the songs of the century. Don’t forget to catch the song on her album “4.”

With this, I add my quick rant about ownership in relationships. I’ve heard stories from friends and read about them all the time.

*Disclaimer: This is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings.*

When they let their man control them! It’s like they are porcelain dolls and their men tote them around. Or they are puppets on strings getting trollied everywhere.

The friends that have no friends because their man is selfish? Ugh, the worst. I’m sorry but my friends were here before you and will be here after you!

Even the friends that I know who have been too shy to speak up when they have been abused physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Don’t let him keep playing those mind games!

In relationships especially, it should be equal! Equality is important in all aspects of your life. How can you preach about equal rights for men and women, yet inexpose the same values when you are behind closed doors?

How can the man own the world of two people coming together when it should be united? A relationship becomes “our world” after a successful 6 months to a year of commitment. Its a burden to see such changes, some that are unintentional at that.

Most people swim in the dating pool with no lifesavers and drown when their relationship sinks because they did everything they were told, not what their gut told them and not as their rights as an individual.

WE can’t be Kings and Queens if the guys who are supposed to be Kings want to be rulers of the world.

With that said…All this nonsense of it being a man’s world, needs to be diluted and diffused because there are two types of men in existence….women and men!Β 

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16 thoughts on ““This is a Man’s World?” Says Who?

  1. I totally agree that things should be equal between men and women. I’m glad to see that there are strong female role models like Beyonce out there who tell women that they can achieve what they want and that we aren’t weak. I’m hoping that we have more equality as time goes on, because we deserve it! πŸ™‚

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  2. Yes, exactly. Someone who understands! It’s not about one gender being more dominant, it’s about making sure that BOTH genders are given equal opportunities and respect.

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