Happy Easter!!! Spice It Up!

I don’t mean like the Spice Girls either! 😀

I remember as a child I would get excited because this was my favorite day/weekend. I couldn’t wait for the candy. I couldn’t wait to get the Sweet Tarts and Sour Patches in baskets and on its own. It was the only thing I looked forward to.

I believed in the Easter bunny until I was about 6. Then the only thing I believed in was an Easter basket. I always had the full ones too! I felt spoiled haha. Oh I can’t forget about the chocolate bunny. The milk chocolate was the best. I didn’t like Peeps though! You can have those! Lol

As a child I think all the holidays are your favorite because you did or received something exciting.

When you grow up, you start to outgrow the same things you loved. My last basket was given to me when I was like 13. I just knew that was the last one and that’s okay because I wanted to do activities. I preferred going to the movies with friends or staying at their houses as opposed to going out with my mom or just staying inside.

I did like dressing up. I am a dressy girl, I will wear a dress when the weather calls for it. As a little girl I loved the floral prints and bright pink dresses. I even had pink shoes to match. I wasn’t allowed to have purses which was fine because what would I put in it?

Easter in school was always fun because I enjoyed egg dying. It was the one thing I always wanted to learn because my child brain at the time couldn’t fathom how eggs turned green, blue, red, pink, purple? So when I finally discovered it, I wanted to try it at home. I thought I was cute making all types of patterns and sometimes they didn’t make sense! Of course I didn’t. I saved the mess for school, but I did take the eggs from school home because it was mine.

Kuddos to that one gym class that allowed us to have an egg hunt too! Elementary was so interactive. 🙂

As an adult, I have the opportunity to make Easter what I want it to be. It’s obviously different for me now. I don’t make it mandatory that I go out. I can stay in if I choose. Plus I’m not as excited about Easter as I once was.

Some people go to church, the movies, lunch and dinners, meanwhile I just hang around.

However, I brought in Easter right at midnight with his [let’s leave his name out but you know who I mean…that special one :)] family to these games:

  • Trouble (Despicable Me version….which is so much fun!)
  • Uno (All rules included)
  • Black Jack (With Monopoly money……Yes I said that! We are some broke people over here so who’s throwing in money? :P)
  • Playing Numbers (You know the hand game where if you not counting or focusing you will have to start over)

Then I stayed up until about 7:30 am talking to him when were were supposed to be going to sleep at 2:00 am! Geez! But any bonding is better than no bonding at all.

That was my way of spicing up my Easter and it was FREE! WIth jokes and laughter included!

It was a very fun night! I love building relationships and being in one with such a strong family that believes in the old way of celebrating.

My Easter so far was Eggcellent! Haha Yupp that just happened!

Now I hope you have a Happy Easter and just Have Fun! What are you doing today or have done this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!! Spice It Up!

  1. LOL fun post! Sound like you really had a nice Easter. SMH I just realized I’m super late with these comments, SORRY! I took some personal time off (Away from technology) and now that I’m back I’m playing catchup with your blog, my emails, social media, work, etc.

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