Tug Of War….With Windows/Heaters/AC’s

First off, this is random but do you remember playing tug of war? It was soooo much fun! As you get older, you start having your own versions of it, just no rope….am I right?


Sooo as the weather is changing, its got me thinking as I travel daily and can’t tell whether the weather wants to be cold, spring like or winter-esque…..I have to deal with this again!

I experience this one riff almost everyday, its only going becoming the usual or the norm once again as the weather changes. Ugh!

This consistent scuffle with my significant other of windows/heaters and AC (air conditioners)…Well heat is controlled by the building here but in our old apartment, we flicked the switch on and off constantly for heat/air. It never failed!

Now we fuss over the window until we compromise with either a cracked window or blankets. Sometimes I just don’t give up until the window is closed.

Our little mini dispute goes like this:

Me: “close the window! It’s too cold outside for that” or “babe can you close the window/turn AC down (according to the setting of the weather)”

Him: “no I’m hot, use a blanket!”

Me: “No just close the window..Or close it some. I cant sleep if i’m cold”

The nerve of him! 😛 That’s just us though! All the time! It doesn’t get old. Oh gosh are we an old married couple already? Oh My! Haha

But this has been going on for many times/years now and the fight never ends. Seriously this is us everyday except last night…where the air was cool and soothing. Not cold, chilly, but a nice breeze. There was no arguing needed!

We have tug of wars especially when its summer time and he wants the AC on freezer setting. In the summer I don’t mind the AC on, but once it makes me cold, I just want it off. The end! No questions asked and no negotiating it. Its meant to cool you down, not make you cold ass hell! #JustSaying

Why him and not me? Because I get cold easily!! I would rather be hot than cold. I don’t like Winter although I live in NY! Buuuurrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Every time I say I am cold, this is all he hears blah blah blah 😀

But it’s okay because its all love. We mean no hard feelings. We just have two different temperatures.

He’s acts like a vampire and stays up like one too….. hmmm:

Meanwhile, I’m more like this:


I love to sleep with sheets or blankets even in the summer!! Is that weird? I know some of my friends do the same thing as well…..

There’s the same battle on the train except I can’t tell the conductor to turn the AC down. Especially when its cold outside and the AC is super high. Sheesh way to care about those of us with low bloodstreams haha.

Anndddd I know what you’re thinking…what about in the car? Yes we play with those controls too! On and off it goes. Or I turn the blinds in a different direction when I want some air, but not all of it blowing in my face. Except when its winter time, there are crickets (as in no fuss) because we both know its too cold for air, we need heat!

Perhaps I need more iron or calcium or both, something idk…..or I could steal some of his blood as he adjusts to temps waaayyyy easier than I can! *Puts thinking cap on*

Just put me in a hospital and hook an IV up to my arm with it and I will be straight! (kidding…totally kidding but if it could happen, I’d do it)

Child with IV drip

If I’m not sick, I’m cold! Maybe I should live in Cali where the weather is nicer? But then I’m afraid of natural causes…hmmm nevermind….

All I know is I am definitely ready for summer but I am not ready for the AC!

The best type of heating system that solves the tug of war is cuddling. I like cuddling! 🙂 ❤ It puts me to sleep! Haha

What are your tug of wars? Is it with the same things? How do you handle the AC/Heat battle?

This is as far as mine goes besides tedious regular relationship arguments but this one is one that I know happens with everyone!

4 thoughts on “Tug Of War….With Windows/Heaters/AC’s

  1. LMAO! This post really made me laugh Ms. Shade. It reminds me of my wife and I and how we fight over the room temps and other little childish things, but secretly I think we do it because we like the spark it gives our rela. It also reminds me of when we fight over who gives to watch what on TV and when, or when we’re both in a Pandora jam session and the other one’s volumes gets a little louder than the other. Ha! LOL #GoodTimez

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lmao glad it was entertaining and relatable! It’s the small battles that count right? Haha. Fighting over TV and music is almost like an “old married couple” eh? 🙂


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