Trust Your Instinct….It May Save Your Life!

Instincts>Gut Feelings>Intuition ….You name it, it’s the same meaning….

There’s a fine difference between your stomach growling and your gut feelings telling you something.

I would hope one can tell the difference! Lol

Why is it soooo easy to tell someone to trust their instincts when they discuss with you about a personal matter that they knew was wrong from the jump, yet you can’t do the same?

I have this problem sometimes. I can tell my friends to believe in themselves, but I don’t take my own advice. Intuition is hard. The confidence I said you should have in my last post, you should also have for this feeling. If you aren’t confident that what you feel is true, then you will always have that little insecurity.

It’s just a weird cycle.

For example, My intuition always tells me when someone on the clock is being fake or has a problem with me. Now that I do pay attention to! It’s snakes like them that try to get you fired.

A hater will always try to get rid of you. Trust the gut and watch yo back!

Most of the time I let my gut feeling lead the way.

The older I get, the more I understand that I should seriously listen to that gut feeling.

Instincts are tough to listen to especially when you’re in a relationship. Your heart is all in and it clouds all judgment.

You know deep inside he/she is cheating, yet the love you have for them allows you to deny it sometimes.

Or there’s that feeling you get as it is happening and you know that talk is going to be on its way.

Then there is heartbreak. You knew the breakup was coming.

Trust your instincts! You will hurt a lot less.

Trust your instincts if the same thought consumes you. If it says “Quit” your job or activity, do so.

Trust your instincts in relationships because when you know, you know.

Trust your instincts when you know it’s the wrong place at the wrong time.

Trust your instincts for your own safety.

I remember when I was in a car accident. I didn’t trust it at all. My gut told me to leave the car, but I didn’t want to leave my older sis behind. I stayed for her. Sometimes we do things just to support someone.

Another scenario, I was at a public BBQ and I felt like with too many people on scene, something bad was going to happen. Just when I thought it was time to go…….a drive-by happened and we all ducked under tables. A couple people were grazed by the bullets and just like that it was over. I got out of there asap!

I take the time out once a year and think how far I’ve come due to my intuition. It’s saved me twice!

So tell me, Do you Trust your instincts? Will You start? What does it take for you to finally listen to that voice whispering in your mind/ear?  We all miss the mark/opportunity to trust what’s from within because it’s human nature. We all make mistakes.


OH YEAH: This one is highly important as I get this one quite often and always look over my shoulder:

10 thoughts on “Trust Your Instinct….It May Save Your Life!

  1. I usually go with my gut, but then analyze and over-analyze the decision until it makes me sick. Only later do I realize I was probably right. Thought-provoking post. Thanks!

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  2. Intuition is there for a reason. I always notice mine but don’t always act on it. Like right now, my professor makes me uncomfortable, but I return to this class every week trying tho convince myself he’s harmless. In the back of my mind I know there’s gotta be something to that feeling but I don’t want to drop the class

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    • Yes it is. It happens, we aren’t perfect. Ooohh yeah that sounds like a bad idea. It sounds like you should listen girl! If its personal, perhaps you should clear that up but what if its just a challenge? His teaching could make you that way?


  3. Hmmm…. I’m a bit mixy on this subject….
    For a long time now I’ve often battled with my Intuition, Gut Feelings or Instincts, and often times I end up opting against it for the better good of others. It’s like you said sometimes we don’t take the advice of our inner selves because we’re too afraid of what the outcome might be, or because (in rela purposes) we don’t want hurt the person we love; but what happens when your instincts tell you and have proven to you on numerous occasions that its always right and you should trust it now, but your heart tell you its in the right place, don’t give up yet, and things will change/get better? What do you do then? Who do you listen to your heart or your gut feelings? Strictly speaking from experience here, but does “LOVE” really conquer all?

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    • It happens to everyone, you are not alone! The heart is very confusing….you have to always listen to the gut! The heart can mess you up lol. If you know it’s worth it deep down then it will work itself out. Love has a way of conquering most of it, but not all because you can love someone and not be with them! Just saying.


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    • I wrote this post 3 years ago and I found most of my images on google. As for the topic? It is MY experience. Nothing to source because I didn’t even read this blog or know it existed at the time when I created this topic. The world is full of coincidental mishaps and mostly everyone on the internet talks about the same things.


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