You Grabbed Your Remote….Are You About To Watch……

PrimeTime TV? Preferably You’ve turned to the latest Empire episode you missed. Or the latest Scandal?

So we all have stressed the fact that Black History Month has been diluted thanks to the Oscars, Grammy’s, Superbowl and everything else, but it lacks acknowledging what the month stands for.

And I definitely agree. I think this calls for an educational rant! 😉

Sure it’s March and February no longer matters, BUT no one seems to discuss the fact that while everyone on Social Media bickers on the lack of appreciation for “Black Lives Matter,” that those who are TV screenwriters actually know that it does. I actually recognized it and I AM PROUD! 

Confused? Here let me help you. Lol

What I mean is that Black History is getting better! Black History is an important month, but it is technically black history everyday. The actors and actresses on TV are inspiring someone everyday.

Black History Month will always represent those in the past that paved the way for our current present. We can never forget Martin Luther King Jr, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks and more. But we must also appreciate the new people that are creating history today. Such as Kevin Hart (that’s my babe right there haha), Taraji P Henson (Love her too!), Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Wayne Brady, Anthony Anderson and so on.

Even Jussie Smollett (Jamal on Empire) as he is reminding the world what REAL R&B is. 😉

I recently came across an interesting article that stressed how the Black Community can be conflicted even when getting what was asked of. There was a high demand for more Blacks on TV and on film. It has definitely increased since then and I am excited to see aspiring screenwriters and successful screenwriters take action into making it more prominent.

On BET’s Blog: “Commentary: Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating and Cookie Lyon Are Not Your Therapists” it states: 

 “There is a Black renaissance on television, both network and cable: Empire, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, Being Mary Jane, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Black-ish — isn’t this variety of the Black experience on mainstream television what we wanted? We have spent decades to make mainstream America understand that there is no “one” African-American type and in order to abandon that monolithic idea, we need nuanced characters who are teachers, criminals, musicians, law professors, news anchors, LGBT, poor, rich and middle class. The expectation by our own community to uphold an imaginary Black ideal will suck the life out of potentially groundbreaking characters.” 

Here is the link if you would like to read further:

I really commend this article for the truth! I could not agree more. There has always been a one sided view of “Black America” and now it can be seen as multi-faceted. Throw away the stereotypes and inhale the new intake of Black People are more than just a race. The community itself holds a pedestal because Everyone has worked soooo hard to get there!

I congratulate them all because I ADMIRE those who came before me, before us. I also love the growing of the community. I watch Empire, How To Get Away WIth Murder, Being Mary Jane and Black-ish every time like

They better WERK! Lol

Sad that I am one of the few veryyy behind in Scandal! I have to catch up! Smh

I am a TV junkie like most! So I Watch TONS of TV at a moderate pace!

On average, America watches 5 hours of TV per day and I watch about 3 hours a day. America watches 34 hours a week total! The way the networks are set up, I watch only about half of average! That’s a plus for me! 😀

I started with One show and ended up having just about 20 that I have to keep up with. Have me looking like:


 Other than TV’s top few Favorite Black America mainstream TV shows, I also watch:

The Vampire Diaries

The Originals

David Tutera (My Fair Wedding, CELEBrations)

Switched At Birth

The Fosters

Wild N’ Out

Melissa & Joey

Young & Hungry

The Real World

The Challenge (Rivals, Battle of the Exes)

Tamar & Vince

Braxton Family Values

2 Broke Girls

Girl Meets World

Total Divas


What do you watch? Have you thought about the difference between February and recognition of everyday actions? Why do we have segregation period when it comes to TV? TV shows are TV shows!  

Share Your Thoughts!

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