“Dear White People” Movie Review

I know it’s 2015 and the movie came out in 2014. I’m late and? Lol But After FINALLY watching it, I thought I’d pick the crazy things I spotted out for the world to notice.

I thought “Dear White People” was going to send a valuable message. Instead, it shows racism at it’s best! If you haven’t seen it, I advise that you watch it. Or even skip through it because it was a struggle to watch it all as it was very slow!

It almost put me to sleep! Seriously! Had me with one eye open like…..


The part that intrigued me the most was the university party. It makes me wonder how the world really acts. Trying to fit in is one thing, but to attempt to be like another race is something no one would like if it happened to them.

Don’t you agree?

The party “[was] a minstrel-like black party for WHITE students. Guests are encouraged to arrive in blackface, fried chicken and “purple drank” in hand, to wallow unabashedly in every abhorrent stereotype.” -via National Post.

In an article called Amherst Student it also says, “This culture war culminates in an “Unleash Your Inner Negro” party thrown by the nearly all-white members of Winchester’s comedy magazine, Pastiche. White students show up to the event in blackface, wielding gold guns and grills, wearing Barack and Michelle Obama masks and flashing gang signs.”

I could not have said it better myself.

It saddens me to see that the writers thought this was Okay. “It shows white people wants to be just like black people.” This extends into music, slang, jokes, etc that most people seem to ignore. This may be true for music, maybe but I DON’T think everyone has the same values.



People please get your life!

I am not a racist, let me clear that up. But racism exists. I’ve lived it and seen others live it as well.

I was expecting a message, not a bias, racist, underrated film that didn’t make me feel good. This movie didn’t help the Ferguson case either and it’s sad that it was in theaters.

I have white friends and they have black friends. Why can’t we all be equal? There should be no “For every white group there is a 2% black ratio” (it is mentioned in the movie as well) because it wouldn’t be fair if “For every black group there was a 2% white ratio.”

For the record: The party starts at about 1:30.

I’ll stop ranting about it and post the trailer for ya. If only the movie could be posted right? 😀

Here’s a “Redband Trailer” aka no holds barred/X Rated Version that actually features more details about the party I mentioned. It starts preferably at 0:46 and ends at 2:04 in this video:

5 thoughts on ““Dear White People” Movie Review

  1. You know this was a movie I was excited to want to see because I, l Iike you Ms. Shade, thought it would cover some of the issues people face today with dealing with race. Although I haven’t yet seen the film from your review of it, it doesn’t sound like something I would spend my money on. Thanks for the heads up Ms. Shade!


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